Friday, September 16, 2011

Our summer

This summer we played lots of softball. We hung out at Bear Lake. I went to the American Idol Tour in Salt Lake. We had our first family reunion on my mom's side. Our nephew Mason was born. My friend Kassie got married. And Zach has become absolutely obsessed with golf. I don't mind driving the cart and looking for balls though. It has been fun to see Zach and Greg bond with this sport. I just wish he could have chosen a cheaper hobby.

Monday, February 28, 2011

something new!

Wow..should I even bother keeping up with this thing considering it's been over 2 months since my last post!?

I feel like I never have anything to write about because all we do is work..go to school...and watch tv, sad but true. We feel so busy- but don't really have anything to show for it other than grades and free hours at the hospital haha.

We are both in the second semester of our programs. (Alexa: Radiology) (Zach: Athletic Training) I'm still doing 24 clinical hours a week at the hospital and driving to Weber for class every Tuesday. I'm also still trying to work on top of all that..trying..being the key word. I only get like 10 hours a week. At least I'll be done with school around this time next year!

Poor Zach has to drive to Weber 4 times a week. But, the new part of our life is that Zach got a new job! He has been looking for a job as a physical therapy aide and finally got one. We are pretty excited that he landed one in Ogden. It doesn't pay all that great, but it works out for him already being in Ogden all the time for school. He also really needs paid experience in the medical field since he wants to apply for PA school when he graduates his program. You have to have a certain number of hours paid hours to even be considered so it will be great. He is MOST excited that he is moving on from the painting world. He will also umpire this spring/summer every saturday. We've already made one trip to St. George this year for baseball but it got rained out. We head back down for another tournament over spring break.

Other than remains the same. Oh, I did turn 21 on Feb. 6th...we may have gone to a casino in mesquite..just because we can now haha...

Since I don't take pictures anymore I might as well do a blast from the past! Just to see how far we've come ;) At least he won't have to come home looking like this anymore.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Simple Things

I miss being able to call & text you
I miss getting your advice
I miss playing Nintendo with you
I miss having date nights with you and Casey
I miss making you PB&J toast
I miss going to your office just to say hi
I miss getting your help with homework
I miss you teasing me and making me laugh
I miss your dutch oven cooking
I miss camping and 4wheeling

Mostly I just miss spending time with you...

I won't be able to make anymore memories with my big brother, I'll only be able to remember the old ones. Life really is too short especially when it comes to the simple things. I feel guilty for taking these little things for granted when Erik was still here. I hope everyone remembers what Christmas is really about and takes the time to make special memories with your loved ones- because you never know when they will be taken from you. Life won't ever be the same-we will just begin to get used to a new "normal" but even after 2 years, I don't feel like we're there yet.

I'm still trying to remember the simple things. . .

Friday, November 19, 2010

photo booth fun

Easily amused.....

I don't know whether to think these are funny...or downright embarrassing!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall Fun & Year One

Wow..I guess I only update my blog seasonally now. Since school started we have been super busy. Things that have happend lately-
  • Zach turned 21 on Oct. 26

(my little school boy on his B-day)
  • Of course he went deer hunting this year, but no luck

  • We are finishing up our first semester in less than a month
  • Then we get all of December off wahoo! 1 down 4 to go
  • Zach has been playing rec basketball and flag football, I have been the #1 fan
  • We went to St. George for a weekend-Zach umpired 12 baseball games and I sold t-shirts
  • We celebrated our first anniversary on Nov. 5th!

On Friday Zach had these beautiful flowers delivered to my work and I wasn't even expecting him to be so thoughtful haha I mean..he is a man right? He even had a cute little note inside that said "thanks for the best year of my life" what a SWEETHEART right?? Well he even got us a hotel in SLC so Friday night we drove down there and went to Olive Garden. The next day we rode the trax around town and went to the Gateway. I think Zach was a little jealous that we weren't going to the Utah vs. TCU game...there were fans everywhere, but the Utes got their butts kicked- so it probably wasn't a good game. Anyways we did the other traditional stuff-ate the top layer of our didn't look too appetizing considering it was in the freezer for a year, but it didn't taste too bad! We also watched our wedding video which was so cute :)

All in all it was a perfect anniversary! The past year has been tough, but so rewarding too. We have had lots of fun! One down-Eternity to go, love you boo!!! :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

His + Hers

And the panic sets in.....

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Me, Zach mom, dad, Greg, and Molly (dog) went to Eugene, Oregon for a week to watch Greg play baseball-and to have a nice family vacation! It involved:
Lots of {driving}
Lots of {baseball}
Lots of {trees}
Lots of {eating}
Lots of {hot} weather
Lots of {shopping}

Lots of FUN

One of our many pictures in the car

Molly was tired--80% of the time her tongue is sticking out, no big deal :)

outlet malls..Greg likes to pull retarded faces and Zach was sick of shopping and i'm just a dork :)

But we got these {sweet sneaks}-so he can't complain
{Pretty blues} ((eyes))

Oregon=lots of trees and cool {fog} by the ocean

Many many windmills on the horizon of the Columbia River

We went EVERYWHERE! We drove halfway to Boise the first day and went to a sweet waterpark. Then we drove to Hines and stayed the night. The next day we drove all the way to Eugene OR. Other places we visited were: Salem, and Portland to see cousin Kim :) and we traveled the coast.
Thanks mom and dad we had a wonderful trip!!!